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Constructing the third D16/1 locomotive in Derbyshire

About Us


Who are we?

Red Diamond Diesel Construction Ltd is a company set up and wholly owned by the Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society to carry out construction of the third Class 16/1 diesel locomotive.

The originals were scrapped in 1968, before diesel preservation had gained enough momentum to preserve them. Our aim is to recreate the experience of these pioneers once again. 

The heart of the locomotive will be an original 1947 English Electric Mk1 16SVT engine.


How will it be built?

The locomotive will be built on the chassis of a class 58 locomotive, which has a similar design and dimensions to that used on the original loco, LMS 10000. Other mechanical and electrical parts will come from Class 37, 43 and 56 locomotives. 

The bodywork will be an all new fabrication, and will accurately match the original design. 

The bogies will be those previously used on EM2 Class 77 loco Juno. These date from 1951, and are an almost exact match to those used originally on 10000. 


Will it be an exact replica?

This is probably the question we are asked most often. The loco will look, sound and perform like the original, but will not be an exact replica mechanically or electrically. 

The Ivatt Diesel Recreation Society have produced a detailed engineering overview document which explains how the loco will be constructed, and the reasons behind some of the key decisions. This can be downloaded from the IDRS website at the link below. 

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